The Hinch Distillery

A balanced blend of design in which traditional materials meets futuristic thinking. Located in the grounds of the beautiful Killaney Estate in Co. Down, Northern Ireland, the distillery offers up tours, food & beverage hospitality, private hire experiences and a sizeable wedding venue. Drinksology has the responsibility of managing and creating the flow, tour narrative and interior design of all public spaces within the complex.

Reception & Retail

In keeping with the brief, visitors are welcomed into a grand and lofty space that is sympathetic to the proprietors appreciation of the traditional aesthetic. A dominant light feature leads the eye to two stained glass windows which in turn shed light onto a highly bespoke interior fitout.

Induction & Raw Ingredients Room

The first stop on the tour is an indulgent journey into history, grains and botanicals. Depending upon the nature of the tour, the room is perfectly adapted to deliver both a whiskey or gin masterclass, led by sensory experiences and bespoke analytical props.

The Mash Room & Still House

The public spaces within the still house have been carefully considered to maintain an elevated industrial aesthetic that compliments the beautifully functional brewing and distilling apparatus.

Spectrum Room

To mitigate the acoustic challenges experienced within the still house we immerse the guests in knowledge of new make spirit and maturation within an intelligently designed 'spectrum room'. On one wall witness a spectrum of colourless new make, ranging from light and delicate on one side and progressing to bold and robust on the other. On the opposite wall is a spectrum of colour and maturation choices and time. Using the four corners of the room the host communicates the decisions that lead to the character of the new make and moving laterally across the room informs the corresponding type's of cask best suited to that new make spirit. A spectrum of flavour, colour and intelligent design.

It's time to taste...

In this multifunctional hospitality venue the tour tastings are primarily performed in the tasting bar. On the occassion when the tasting bar is in use for private hire events the tour party is directed to the main bar. The large back of house kitchen is centrally located to cater for bar service and private hire events.

Private Hire Suites

A dedicated event management team offers up world class private hire events set within a flexible and luxurious setting. The two suites can accommodate in excess of 300 seated guests making it ideal for weddings whilst remaining flexible for coporate hire.